LIOR 90: Manual of Hebrew Syntax

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Manual of Hebrew Syntax
J. D. Wijnkoop
Translated by C. van  den  Biesen
In the treatment of certain chapters I have thought it necessary to work independently for reasons which on comparison would be obvious. This applies  in  the  first  place  to  my  treatment  of the infinitive  and  participle  of  the  verb.  As  I  could not  accept  the  existing  opinions  concerning  them, I have preferred to adopt a  simpler  theory  arising  from their  unique twofold  character of verbum and nomen. Further, in the manner  of  dealing  with  the status constructus, e.g., certain alterations seemed to me desirable.
The terminology, moreover, for naming the cases, such as we find in the classic and modern languages, has in so far it was possible been intentionally avoided. This plan I adopted, because in Hebrew scarcely any trace can be found of the so called flexion of the nomina, by which the various cases are expressed. The status constructus which most of all would remind us of them , on the one hand differs from them because of the alte ration of vowels , and the abbreviation instead of pro­ longation of words, and on the other hand it is capable of expressing so many cases, that it cannot well be identified  with one or more of them.
Finally, it should  be  observed  that  I have ventured to divide this Manual in a manner different to that usually adopted , by first considering the different parts of the sentence, and  then  its construction (from the author's preface).
Contents: Part I: Nomen (the noun, determination  of the noun, pronouns). Part II: Verbum (the verbal forms, the nominal forms). Part III: The particles (adverbs and adverbial  expressions, interrogative  particles, the remaining  particles). Part IV:  Construction of the sentence (nominal sentences, verbal  sentences, the  influence  of  the  subject upon the  predicate  as  regards  gender  and  number, sequence  of  the different  parts  of the   sentence).
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