LINCOM Etymological Studies (LES)

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Product no.: ISBN 9783895860898

Ilija Casule

96.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862880546

Vladimir Pericliev
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

92.70 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862885541

Including Deep Comparative Studies of Hamito-Semitic and Indo-European and of Hamito-Semitic and Sino-Tibetan on All Levels of Structure

El Rabih Makki

250.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862886012

El Rabih Makki
Lebanese University

140.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862887231
Ilija Čašule
Macquarie University
148.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862887866

Ilija Čašule
Macquarie University

184.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862887972
A comparative study of their sound, lexical and grammatical systems
El Rabih Makki
Lebanese University
164.00 *
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