LINCOM Studies in English Linguistics (LSEL)

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Product no.: ISBN 9783895867538

Zeki Hamawand

135.60 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895868535

Teresa Moralejo Gárate

113.20 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895867583

Andrew G. Rollings
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

106.40 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895869709


Luis Iglesias Rábade
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

166.20 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895867422

with Special Reference to the Early Modern English Period: A Corpus-Based Study

Paloma Núñez-Pertejo
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

106.40 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895867361

A Corpus-Driven Analysis of their Use in Speech and Writing

Ana E. Martínez Insua

106.40 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895867439

Juan Francisco Elices Agudo
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

106.40 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895869839


Universidad de Santiago

101.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895868771

Jean-Paul Kouega
Université de Yaoundé 1

106.40 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895867767

Bettina Kraft & Ronald Geluykens (eds.)
University of Southampton, University of Oldenburg

102.90 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895863875

Their function and meaning

Gabriele Stein
University of Heidelberg

138.10 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895860232

a Historical Review
María José Esteve Ramos

112.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895864346

Las colocaciones en Inglés Moderno Tardío

Inés Lareo Martín
Universidade da Coruña

102.10 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895865220

Current Trends in Action

Paul N. Mbangwana & Bonaventure M. Sala
University of Yaoundé I

95.30 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783929075755

Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method

Luciano Canepari
Venice University

190.10 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862883073

Gradient acceptability at the grammar-pragmatics interface: a study of the constraints on middle formation in English

Casilda García de la Maza
University of the Basque Country

83.20 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862883493

Norma Corrales-Martin
Temple University

56.30 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862885763

Jieun Kiaer
University of Oxford

70.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862889716
A Comprehensive Analysis for Language Learners
Younes Zhiri
Moulay Ismail University, Meknes
66.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783862902101
Abdul Malik Abbasi
& Mansoor Ahmed Channa
SMI University, Karachi; QA University Nawab Shah
78.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390474
Identification, Influences and Pedagogic Perspectives
Valentine Njende Ubanako
University of Yaounde 1
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390337
A Phonetic Approach
Venkanna Maagi
Osmania University
60.80 *
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