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Product no.: ISBN 9783969390955
Smita Joseph
The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India
54.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390931
Compiled & Translated by:
Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem
74.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390726
Approche cartographique
Jean de Dieu Olowa, Edmond Biloa & Cyrille Christal Ondoua Engon
Université de Yaoundé 1; École Normale Supérieure de l’Université de Ngaoundéré à Bertoua
92.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390894
Krishna Prasad Paudyal
Tribhuvan University
178.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390900
(Analysed Corpus)
जीवंत भोजपुरी मजबून
Gopal Thakur
Linguistic Society of Nepal
172.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390887
Syntheses & Exegeses
Joseph Galasso

California State University, Northridge

48.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390634
A Lexicon of Basic Mathematical Notions and Interesting Facts and Ideas
Marcel Danesi
University of Toronto & Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390801
Xosé Rosales Sequeiros
Qatar University
144.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390870
A Minimalist Perspective on Recursion as the Core Property of Human Language, and its Role in the Generative Grammar Enterprise
Joseph Galasso
California State University, Northridge
74.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390443
La construcción del sonido en cuatro lenguas: miˀphaa, wixárika, alemán y castellano
José Luis Iturrioz Leza y Ana Line Martínez Sixto

Universidad de Guadalajara, México

74.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390665
Bogni Téguia, Gaston Bessala, Michèle Sandjol (eds.)
Centre National d’Éducation-Minresi
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390719
Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. Veselin Popov
Hristo Kyuchukov, Sofiya Zahova & Ian Dumunica (eds.)
94.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390795
A Re-edition of Murasaki Kyōko’s ‘Karafuto Ainugo’ with translation and grammatical notes
E. Dal Corso 
Università Cà Foscari di Venezia
228.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390818
Xosé Rosales Sequeiros
Qatar University
132.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390825
Taťána Vykypělová
Akademie der Wissenschaften, Brünn
62.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390702
Viktor S. Xrakovskij & Andrey L. Malchukov (eds.)
The Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILS RAS); The Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILS RAS); Johannes Gutenberg University
194.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390696
A Central  African  Koine
Didier L. Goyvaerts
University of Brussels (VUB) and University of Antwerp (UA)
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390849
José Luis Iturrioz & Paula Gómez López

Departamento de Estudios en Lenguas Indígenas de la Universidad de Gadalajara

144.00 *
Product no.: IBSN 9783969390641
( 180 Oppari Songs)
Translated from Tamil to English with Phonemic Transcription.
Saraswathi Venugopal
Formerly Professor & Head, Department of Folklore, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390788
Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Luciano Canepari
Università cà Foscari di Venezia
with counseling by Fernando Maggi
162.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390603

Ernest Désiré Mvondo Bivia

Université de Buea
72.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390689
Mélanges en hommage au Professeur Marcelline NNOMO ZANGA
Pierre-Suzanne Eyenga Onana (ed.)
98.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390832
Édition revue et élargie
Michael Meeuwis
Université de Gand
78.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390573
Kadima Batumona Mbatwamba
168.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390382
Vittorio Ganfi
Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre
142.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390658
Problems and Perspectives
Nelly Pak
Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages
148.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969392331
Gopal Thakur
Linguistic Society of Nepal
178.00 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969390535
Selected Songs of Ango Mai Turu, Muhammadu Dandabu and Muhammadu Mailili
Abubakar Mohammed Gombe
University of Maiduguri
58.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783962060527
Hansjürgen Bulkowski
Translated from German by Timothy Guile
14.80 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783969392348
Scientific Skeptical Essays
P.P. Giridhar
72.80 *
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