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Product no.: ISBN 9783895868580

Axel Techmer

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Product no.: ISBN 9783895866456
Biochemical aspects of plant biology and medicine

In honor to Prof. Erich F. Elstner
on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Editors: Andrea Denke, Kerstin Dornisch, Frank Fleischmann, Johanna Graßmann, Ingrid Heiser, Susanne Hippeli, Wolfgang Oßwald and Harald Schempp

125.20 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895860843

Thomas Jung

92.50 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895865978

Wil van der Aalst, José-Manuel Colom, Fabrice Kordon, Gabriela Kotsis & Daniel Moldt

113.20 *
Product no.: ISBN 9783895869532

Gunnar Jacobson

101.80 *
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