LW/D 58: Comprehensive Ket Dictionary - Большой словарь кетского языка 2

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Comprehensive Ket Dictionary - Большой словарь кетского языка 2

Elizaveta Kotorova & Andrey Nefedov (eds.)
University of Zielona Góra, , Tomsk State Pedagogical University


Ket, also known as Yenisei Ostyak or Imbat Ket, is considered to be one of the most enigmatic languages in Northern Asia. The only surviving member of the once-vast Yeniseian language family, strikingly different from all the surrounding languages, it is now balancing on the verge of extinction with only a small number of the remaining speakers residing in the north of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk province, along the river Yenisei and its tributaries.


With more than 5700 lexical entries, the present dictionary represents the most comprehensive lexicographic work on this complex and mysterious language to date. It contains a considerable number of illustrative examples stemming from the extensive fieldwork conducted by Professor A. Dulzon and his disciples in the 1960s - 1980s, as well as the data gathered by the authors during the 2000s.


Alongside the extensive lexicographic data, the dictionary incorporates the most recent theoretical advances concerning the complex grammatical structure of the language, which makes it an essential basis for any future research on Ket and the Yeniseian languages in general.


Volume II : Verbs.


ISBN 9783862886388 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/Dictionaries 58. 520pp. 2015.

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