LSBC 02: Different pathways through life

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Different pathways through life
Biochemical aspects of plant biology and medicine

In honor to Prof. Erich F. Elstner
on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Editors: Andrea Denke, Kerstin Dornisch, Frank Fleischmann, Johanna Graßmann, Ingrid Heiser, Susanne Hippeli, Wolfgang Oßwald and Harald Schempp

This book is dedicated to Prof. Dr. E.F. Elstner on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Colleagues and friends of Prof. Elstner have met to publish this "Festschrift" with contributions covering biochemistry, medicine, plant physiology and plant pathology. This highly informative text book discusses the critical role of the formation and the significance of reactive oxygen species in biology. Containing over 1000 citations, tables and drawings it gives a broad and detailed overview of the following topics:

· Biochemistry of activated oxygen
· Oxidants and antioxidants in human and plants
· Signaling in phytopathology
· Impacts and detection of pollutants

Table of Contents:

Curriculum vitae of Erich F. Elstner

Biochemistry of activated oxygen
1 Oxidative stress H. SIES
2 Determination of antioxidant activities: relative vs. absolute methods W. BORS, C. MICHEL, M. SARAN & K. STETTMAIER
3 Pinning down the hydroxyl radical C.C. WINTERBOURN
4 Oxidative stress - the role of mitochondria H. NOHL
5 Soluble guanylyl cyclase M. HOENICKA

Oxidants and antioxidants in humans and plants

6 Protein phosphorylation and the activation of the leukocyte NADPH oxidase B.M. BABIOR
7 The reaction of chlorite with hemoproteins H. SCHEMPP, K. DORNISCH & M. REIM
8 Critical aspects on the antioxidant activity of melatonin H. NOHL & K. STANIEK
9 Influence of retinal coagulation area and blood glucose control on oxidative metabolites and VEGF in occulat tissues of diabetic patients A.J. AUGUSTIN & A. WINKGEN-BÖHRES
10 Singlet oxygen in photosynthesis A. TREBST
11 Increasing antioxidant flavonoids in plants C.H. RIC DE VOS & A.G. BOVY
12 The activated oxygen related enzymes of peroxisomes: new pieces of a metabolic puzzle L.A. DEL RIO, F.J. CORPAS, L.M. SANDALIO & J.M. PALMA
13 Complex patterns of the antioxidative defence systems in pine species at field plots subjected to different environmental stress combinations M. TAUSZ, A. WONISCH, J. PETERS, M. SOLEDAD JIMÉNEZ, D. MORALES, A. BYTNEROWICZ, M.J. ARBAUGH & D. GRILL
14 Histochemical tracing of glutathione by fluorescence microscopy and image analysis system in living plant cells M. MÜLLER, M. TAUSZ & D. GRILL
15 Inactivation of glutathione reductase from Chlorella fusca and its stabilization by a new factor fraction present in plants and algae P. HÄUSL & A. SCHMIDT
16 The function of ascorbate and ascorbate transport systems in plant membranes N. HOREMANS, C.H. FOYER & H. ASARD

Signalling in phytopathology

17 What´s new in phytotoxin research J. KOEHL & I. HEISER
18 New insights in signaling in plant-microbe interactions W.F. OßWALD
19 Glucan elicitor-activated defense responses in soybean J. EBEL
20 Approaches to understand the action of genes responsible for disease resistance in plants G. WENZEL, G. SCHWARZ & F. THÜMMLER
21 Ozone sensitivity of the ozone biomonitor plant, tobacco Bel W3 C. LANGEBARTELS & H. SANDERMANN JR.

Impacts and detection of pollutants

22 Effects of non fibrous particles on health S. HIPPELI & K. DORNISCH
23 Development of emissions and air quality in the states of the European Union N. METZ
24 NO2 as nitrogen source of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) C. BRUNOLD, P. VON BALLMOOS, S. NUSSBAUM, J. FUHRER, M. AMMANN, M. SUTER, A. EGGER, R. SIEGWOLF, M. SAURER, R. GUGGISBERG & J. VOGEL
25 Dip-and-read test strips for the determination of trinitrotoluene (TNT) in drinking water C. HEISS, M.G. WELLER & R. NIESSNER

Remarkable aspects of plant biology

26 Carbon and hydrogen isotope values of some Chilean
27 How do plants grow under servere drought? R. MATYSSEK
28 Distribution, fluctuation and metabolism of food reserves in woody axes W. HÖLL
29 Relation between odour and pharmacology of essential oils N. BEUSCHER
30 Results of common field trips in the alps with Erich Elstner in the years 1995 and 1998 R. MUES Remarkable aspects of plant biology

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