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LSPol 01: The Liberation of Zimbabwe

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The Liberation of Zimbabwe
Kholisile David Dhliwayo
Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe
From 1972 until 1979 the White dominated Rhodesian State was involved in a serious war with the country’s black majority. The whites were determined to preserve their economic and political privileges at all costs and on the other hand the blacks were determined to put an end to white privileges, and create a society based on natural justice and equity. In this struggle the whites were supported by apartheid South Africa and the West, and the black majority received military and materials support from Eastern Black countries and considerable financial assistance from the private sector in the West. The African political leadership capitalized on the Cold War to get assistance from both East and West, but the actual fighting on the grounds was carried out by Zimbabweans themselves.
This book provides a detailed account of the struggle using archival and library materials as well as personal and witness accounts and testimonies.
Contents:  Introduction. Ch.1: The roots of the armed struggle. Ch. 2: Preparing for the armed struggle 1957-1966. Ch. 3: Experiencing with the armed struggle 1966-1972. Ch. 4: Zanu’s aggressive initiative from the attack on Altena farm 1972 to the assassination of Herbert Chitepo March 1975. Ch. 5: The struggle for power within African nationalism and its impact on the war of liberation 1975-1977. Ch. 6: The final push to liberation 1977-1980. Bibliography. Charts and maps. Index.
ISBN 9783862886968. LINCOM Studies in Politics 01. 353pp. 2016.

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