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LW/T 39: Analyzed Texts in Majhi with Grammar Notes

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Analyzed Texts in Majhi with Grammar Notes
Dubi Nanda Dhakal
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Majhi is an Indo-Aryan language of Indo-European language family spoken in the eastern hills of Nepal. This work includes three main parts. Firstly, this work presents the analyzed texts in Majhi which can be used for linguistic analysis. Some popular stories, including personal narrative and texts collected by using stimuli are interlinearized and presented. Secondly, this collection also contains a grammar sketch of the language.
So, the texts presented here are analyzed based on the grammatical sketch. Thirdly, this work also documents the dialect information of Majhi. In addition to lexical items, Majhi shows the differences in the grammatical information among its varieties. The information lends supports to the fact that Majhi is very distinct from Bote although some scholars group Majhi and Bote to a single group. It is hoped that the dictionary (Majhi 2015), grammatical description (Dhakal 2014), and the collection of analyzed texts will contribute to analysis of the Majhi language. 
ISBN 9783862887255. Languages of the World/Text Collections 39. 104pp. 2016.
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