LSLAB 04: Linguistics and Children’s Language Development

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Linguistics and Children’s Language Development
Festschrift in Honor of Prof. Dr. Juliana Stoyanova
Encho Gerganov, Hristo Kyuchukov, Milan Samko (eds.)
New Bulgarian UniversityUniversity of SilesiaConstantine the Philosopher University
The new volume in the Lincom Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism is a Festschrift dedicated to the jubilee of Prof. Dr. Juliana Stoyanova – a leading psycholinguist, known for her studies on Bulgarian and Bulgarian language acquisition. The volume is a collection of articles written by leading experts in the field of linguistics, psychology and language acquisition of Bulgarian, English, Hungarian, Polish and Romani. The articles included in the volume present research findings in the field of  children’s language development and linguistics. The collection will be interesting for linguists, psycholinguists, and psychologist.
Hristo Kyuchukov
Life dedicated to research Bulgarian children’s language development

Richard M. Weist
The acquisition of spatial and temporal systems and the expression of space-time metaphor

Velka Popova
How Bulgarian pre-school children talk about the time?

Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak and Barbara Bokus
Introducing the ICT
Irony Comprehension Task for preschool children

Hristo Kyuchukov, Jill de Villiers and Milan Samko
Acquisition of wh-questions in Romani

Piotr Kałowski and Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak
Current trends in psycholinguistic verbal irony research

Ewa Dryll
Perception of dishonesty in metaphorical anecdotes

Witold Ligęza and  Krzysztof Piotrowski
Analogy and the development of cognitive representations

Dimitar Popov
Bulgarian speaking styles as speaker profiles

Ina Vishogradska
Synchrony in structural complexity of consonant clusters  in English, Hungarian and Bulgarian

Krassimira Aleksova
Judgments of reliability degree expressed by evidential subcategories

Savelina Banova
The word order of verbal clitics in Bulgarian.
ISBN 9783969391006 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism 04 (Series Editor Hristo Kyuchukov). 222pp. 2022.
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