LE 75: The Empty Category Principle in English and Standard Arabic

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The Empty Category Principle in English and Standard Arabic

Nasser Berjaoui
Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Morocco

The aim of this book is to study the Empty Category Principle (henceforth, the ECP) in English (E) and Standard Arabic (SA) within the Government and Binding framework (GB) as outlined in Chomsky (1981) and (1986). The motivation for the choice of this topic is that the application of the ECP in English, a Non-Null-Subject language, and SA, a Null-Subject language, has not received much attention, to my knowledge. Various structures have been studied in the literature (Rizzi (1982), Kayne (1984) and Picallo (1984), among others).

In this work, focus will be on the five constructions that have been used in comparative studies of this type (Cf. Chomsky (1981), Rizzi (1980), (1982) and Safir (1985), among others): Missing Subjects in Simple Sentences, Free Inversion of Subjects in Finite Sentences, That-Trace Effect, Long Wh-Movement of the Subjects from Wh-Islands, and Null Resumptive Pronouns in Embedded Structures. This book consists of five chapters. Chapter one presents a brief summary of the GB framework. Chapter two deals with basic traits of English and SA syntax. Chapter three aims at presenting the account of the ECP of Free Inversion and Missing Subjects in E ad SA. Chapter four discusses the That-Trace Effect in the two languages. Chapter five aims at a discussion of the ECP account of the long Wh-Movement of the Subjects from Wh-Islands and the Null Resumptive Pronouns in E and SA.

ISBN 9783929075762. Linguistics Edition 75. 123 pp. 2009.

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