LE 77: Language, Literature and Discourse

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Language, Literature and Discourse

A Festschrift in Honour of Prof. A.L. Oleyele

Ayo Ogunsiji, Ayo Kehinde & Akin Odebunmi (eds.)

Language, Literature and Discourse explores linguistic and literary discourses which constitute the research foci of Professor Lekan Oyeleye, former Dean of Arts and former Head, Department of English, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. With relevant data, the authors, who are experienced scholars from African tertiary institutions and who have impacted positively on the pedagogical and research terrains in Africa, carry out in-depth analyses of language use in natural and mediated genres from syntactic, lexico-semantic, discourse, stylistic, pragmatic, applied linguistic and literary perspectives. The chapters coherently present the nexus of language and discourse as a veritable site for the interrogation of issues and factors that have bearings on effective human interactions and transactions.

The text is an invaluable resource material for teachers of English as a second language and some other languages, at the tertiary level, and researchers in language and literature all over the world.

Section A: Language

Demystifying the Native-Speaker Myth in the New Englishes Eric A. Anchimbe - The Power of Language Ayo Ogunsiji - Noun Phrase Modification in Nigerian in Newspapers E.O. Ogungbe - The Style and Power of Nigerian Women in the Nigerian Newspapers I. Omolara Daniel - A Lexico-Semantic Study of Names of Characters in Wole Soyinka’s King Baabu Idowu Odebode - Cushioned Loanwords, Proverbs and Nigerian Pidgin as Rhetorical Devices in Achebes’s Fiction Macauly Mowarin - Language and Style in Okot P’bitek’s ‘Song of Ocol’ S.A. Salman - English Modality as a Rhetorical Tool in Nigerian Political Manifestoes M.A Alo - Language and Persuasion in GSM Advertising in Nigerian Newspapers I.E. Olaosun - Style in Select Advertising Slogans Ayo Osisanwo - Use of Slang among Touts in Some Motor Parks in South Western Nigeria - J.O. Ojo

Section B: Discourse

Address Terms in Social Discourse: The Case of a University Community in Ghana Joseph Afull - A Discourse Study of Ideological Perspectives of Naming among Christian Charismatic Movements in Nigeria Innocent Chiluwa - Discourse Acts in Police - Accused Interrogation in Selected Police Stations in Ondo State, Nigeria. - O.R. Farinde - The Pragmatics of Spousal Communication: The Case of Vanguard’s Mr. and Mrs, Cartoon Series - H.O.F. Akindele & A.B. Sunday - A Pragmatic Analysis of David Diop’s Poem ‘‘Africa’’ A.Lekan Dairo & J.O. Akinbode - Face Threats in Conversational Interactions in Orthodox and Traditional Medicines among the Yoruba in Southwestern Nigeria. Wale Adegbite & Akin Odebunmi

Section C: Applied Linguistics

Perspectives on the Principles of Second Language Learning and Teaching Bolanle Akeredolu-Ale - From Illiteracy to Literacy or Vice Versa – A Linguistic Analysis of the Construction of Reality in an Essay on Stylistics Adeyemi Daramola - The Inevitability of Language Interlarding among Bilinguals Yemi Ogunsiji - Democracy, National Development and Globalization: The Roles of Different Tongues in a Bilingual/ Multilingual Country A.A. Asiyanbola - Yoruba – English Code-Switching in Ayinla Omowura’s Apala Music Tajudeen Yaqub Surakat

Section D: Literature

Weaving Socio-Political Commentaries through the Novelistic Tradition: Naguib Mahfouz and the Postcolonial Egyptian Condition James Tar Tsaaior - Colonialism and Decolonization in Owolabi’s ÕTÊ NÌBÒ: A Discourse in New Historicism Lere Adeyemi Alienation and Revolutionary Vision in East African Post-colonial Dramatic Literature N.O. Fashina - Reconstructing Social and Cultural Reality: Proverbs and Postproverbials in Selected Nigerian Literary Works O.B. Jegede - History and Myth as Rhetorical Strategies in Ben Okri’s Novels Ikenna Kamalu - House on Fire: A Literary Assessment of the Disintegration of the Family Unit Y.O.O. Akorede - The Theme of Marriage Betrayal in the Igbo Novel Herbert Igboanusi & Joy Nkeiruka Okeke .

ISBN 9783895864582. Linguistics Edition 77. 560pp. 2010.

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