LWM 184: Madurese

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William Davies
University of Iowa

With more than 10 million speakers principally on the islands of Madura and Java, Madurese is the fourth most widely spoken language of Indonesia. Like the closely related Indonesian, Malay, and other Western Austronesian languages, Madurese includes as one of its most salient characteristics a verb-marking system that indicates the most prominent argument or "focus" of a clause. This grammatical sketch will detail this system (making possible comparison with closely related languages) and will examine the principle morphological processes of affixation (and the principal affixes used) and reduplication (and the variety of meanings it encodes). The grammatical properties of anaphora, question formation, nominalization, word order, modification, verb serialization, and others will be detailed and illustrated with data from elicitation and connected discourse. .

ISBN 9783895862786. Languages of the World/Materials 184. 60pp. 1999.

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