LE 106: Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol II

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Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. Vol II
A Festschrift for Abubakar Rasheed
O.-M. Ndimele, M. Ahmad & H.M. Yakasai (eds.)
University of Port Harcourt; Bayero University; Bayero University 
This book is devoted to celebrate an eminent scholar of Linguistic Stylistics, Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, and the current Vice-Chancellor of the University. Being an expert in stylistics, discourse linguistics, systemic functional grammar and media English, Professor Rasheed has been very influential in high level research culminating in the development and preservation of Nigerian languages and the training of young academics. He has continued to provide quality academic and administrative leadership at his home-base university and beyond.
The book contains 77 papers meticulously selected from over 150 papers read at 24th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria. The majority of the papers address the main theme of the conference, i.e. “Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society”. There are, however, a number of other papers addressing vital issues in outer circumstances which we deliberately included to cater for other interests beyond the main focus. The main reason for doing this is to enable the reader to have robust knowledge of the current state of research in linguistics, languages and literatures in Nigeria, and to add to the body of existing literature in these fields of learning. The papers here cover Language and Society, Language Teaching and Learning, Language Engineering, Literatures and Cultures, Stylistics and Gender Studies, Formal Linguistics and many more. The book can be read by any linguist of whatever theoretical orientation.
Table of Contents
Section Four: Formal Linguistics
Russell G. Schuh: Word Families in Hausa                                                                           
Lawan Xanladi Yalwa: The Development & Harmonization of Hausa Orthography                   
Lawan Xanladi Yalwa: The Interface between Phonology & Syntax: A Case of Stability of Tones of Hausa Direct & Indirect Object Clitic Pronouns  
Mukhtar A. Yusuf: The Status of Determiners and Quantifiers: Radfordian Approach    
Ọládiípọ̀ Ajíbóyè: À-ì-Derived Nominals in Yorùbá                                                                
Hafizu Miko Yakasai: Lexicalization as a Gradual Process in Hausa Reduplication      
Enieketin C. Eneware & Ebini-Ipiri R. Worufah: The Pronominal System of Kolokuma-Izon
Abdulhamid Abubakar: Deletion in Hausa                                                                             
Ibriszimow Dymitri & Aisha Iya Ahmed: What About Passivization in Warji?                               
Victoria I. N. Isha & Andrew Haruna: The Syllable Structure of Izere                                             
Salisu Ahmed Yakasai: The Sociolinguistic Dimension of Reduplication in the Nigerian Linguistic Terrain                                                                     
Enieketin C. Eneware & Ebini-Ipiri R. Worufah: The Noun Phrase in Kolokuma-Izon   
Kolawole Adeniyi: On the Status of the Downstep in Yoruba                                               
Yakubu Magaji Azare: Hausa Deverbal Noun Forms and their Metonymic Affinity from the Cognitive Perspective 
Imoh Philip Manda: Nominal Inflection in Bassa                                                                   
Polycarp. N. Dajang: The Psychological Reality of the Phoneme: Evidence from Ngas speakers of English                 
Salem Ochala Ejeba: Syntax of Pronominal Subject in Igala                                                          
Linda Chinelo Nkamigbo: An Acoustic Investigation of Igbo Vowels                                             
Adebola Ayoola Isaiah: An Optimality Analysis of Tone & Vowel Harmony in Oworo     
Balogun Nasrudeen Akanbi: Vowel Harmony in Ekiti Dialect of Yoruba                          
Ataisi Emiya Gladday: Deixis in Obolo                                                                                    
A.G. Batagarawa: Existential Sentences of Hausa: A Study oMovement Operations                                                  
Apollos Agamalafiya: Aspects of Tsureshe Morphology                                                       
Ibrahim Awwal: An Autosegmental Account of Reduplication in Hausa & Yoruba                                                          
Abubakar Muhammad: Negative Concord in Hausa: A Minimalist Account                                 
Sergio Baldi: The Presence of Portuguese in Some African Languages               
Mohammed Aminu Muazu & Fibi Balami: Verb Derivation in Bura                                               
Oye Taiwo: Morphology-Syntax Interaction in the Derivation of Nominal Compounds in Yorùbá                      
Amaechi B. Oha: The Head-feature Parameter and the Igbo Verb Compound                
S.I. Abochol: A Systemic Linguistic Analysis of Legalese: The Case of Independent Corrupt Practices & other Related Offences Act, 2000
Stephen Madu Anurudu & Ayo Bamgbose: Head-Modifier Shift in Igbo                           
Eseoghene Aleh: Focus Constructions in Urhobo              
Amos Dlibugunaya: A Comparative Lexical Study of Kilba & Margi                                  
B.H. Isaac: Sentence Structure in Gokana                                                                   
Ozo-mekuri Ndimele: Nigerian Pidgin: An Overview   
Vol. II: ISBN 9783862886739. Linguistics Edition 106. 554pp. (Ch. 43-77).  2016.
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