LLT 06: Performing Your Communicative Competence in English

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Performing Your Communicative Competence in English

Soraya García-Sánchez & Carmen Luján-García
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Performing Your Communicative Competence in English is designed for higher education students interested in improving their communicative skills in English. It can be used as a compulsory reference in any undergraduate or postgraduate degree with an educational, medical, scientific, human, social or technical purpose (Degree in Social Sciences, Degree in Arts, Degree in Modern Languages, Degree in Microbiology, Degree in Telecommunications Engineering or Degree in Computing Sciences, for instance). The content of the textbook can be applied to any other subject or area and even any postgraduate or professional interested in improving their communicative competence and their foreign language abilities in English. The starting level to fulfil these topics is European Level B1 of CERFL, and after the completion of this textbook, students are expected to have fully consolidated a B1+ level (Upper intermediate).

This volume has 5 learning units. Each unit has 10 sections with clear objectives and various practical exercises. There is also a section devoted to key words and also a self-learning grid that aims at promoting independent learning. Although unit 1 has a special section which provides some tips for vocabulary organisation and learning, the following units (from 2 to 5) are specially planned to allow learners to practise their written and oral expression.

ISBN 9783862886234. LINCOM Language Textbooks 06. 171pp. 2015.

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