LSPh 10: Dutch & Afrikaans Pronunciation & Accents

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Dutch & Afrikaans Pronunciation & Accents

Luciano Canepari & Marco Cerini
University of Venice

This book applies the principles of Natural Phonetics & Tonetics to describe the pronunciation of both Dutch and Afrikaans, including intonation, in a precise way never found in earlier treatises. It includes an introduction to the Natural Phonotonetics Method, which can be used for other languages, as well. In addition to Afrikaans pronunciation (with some variants), five kinds of Dutch pronunciation are systematically described: International, Neutral & Mediatic Flemish, and Neutral & Mediatic Netherlandic. Also 22 European regional accents are described, more concisely but still accurately and always with intonation, too. The pronunciation of Dutch by people from South Africa, the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam is given, as well. The synopses of Old and Middle Dutch are provided, too. The book is completed by a mini-phono-dictionary containing the transcription of almost 2000 place, family and person names.

Luciano Canepari (Natural Phonetics & Tonetics, University of Venice, Italy, originally trained in the British phonetic tradition, later developed the Natural Phonotonetics Method) and Marco Cerini (PhD in Natural Phonetics & Tonetics, applied to Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, University of Venice, Italy).


1. Foreword
2. Pronunciation & Phonetics
3. The phono-articulatory apparatus
4. The classification of sounds
5. Vowels & vocoids
6. The vowels & diphthongs of international Dutch
7. Consonants & contoids
8. The consonants of international Dutch
9. Structures
10. Intonation
11. Some texts in phonotonetic transcription
12. Neutral Flemish-Dutch pronunciation
13. Mediatic Flemish-Dutch pronunciation
14. Neutral Netherlandic-Dutch pronunciation
15. Mediatic Netherlandic-Dutch pronunciation
16. Regional Dutch accents (with five maps)
17. Non-European Dutch accents
18. Afrikaans pronunciation
19. Mini-phono-dictionary
20. Old-Dutch & Middle-Dutch synopses
21. Annotated bibliography

ISBN 9783862884957 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Phonetics 10. 212pp. 2013.

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