LSRL 68: Rhaeto-Cisalpine at a glance

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Rhaeto-Cisalpine at a glance

Vol.2 Elements of Syntax

Claudi Meneghin
MIUR (Ministero dell'Istruzione Università e Ricerca)

Rhaeto-Cisalpine (or Padanian) is a western Romance language, spoken in the Po valley (extended to include the Ligurian coast), which has developed in an independent fashion from Italian and is strictly related to French, Occitan, and Catalan. This book is the natural continuation of "Rhaeto-Cisalpine at a glance, Vol.1" and specifically deals with syntax issues.

It aims at both offering a solid reference about, and at proposing a complete synthesis of this diasystem, including the Rhaeto-Romance languages and the so called Gallo-Italic ones (sometimes mistaken for Italian dialects, a conclusion probably driven by unscientific criteria inherited by the Italian Risorgimento political bias). In the formation of a general Rhaeto-Cisalpine koiné the following criteria have systematically been adopted: getting close to medieval forms, purging the language from Italian influence, adopting Galloroman models as decisive contributions, accepting widespread forms and generalising local ones. In particular Ladin forms (both Rhaetian and Dolomitic) have been deemed central, thus synthetic Padanian has been modelled mainly upon these ones. The author is the founder of the "Institud de studis Rhaeto-Cisalpins".

Contents: General Information - Syntax of the adjective (the placement of the adjective, the concord of the adjective, the comparison of the adjective) - Syntax of the Personal Pronoun ( the subject pronoun, the oblique pronoun) - Syntax of the Verb (affirmative sentences, negative sentences, interrogative sentences, negative interrogative sentences, concord of the participle, the localised verb) - Syntax of the Adverb (adverbs modifying verbs, adverbs modifying adjectives, adverbs modifying adverbs, the comparison of the adverb) - Syntax of the article (position of the article, prepositions linked with determinate articles, the partitive article) - Bibliography.

ISBN 9783862880676. LINCOM Studies in Romance Linguistics 68. 89pp. 2011.

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