Sprache und Musik: Zeichentypen und ihre Konsequenzen (e-paper)

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Sprache und Musik: Zeichentypen und ihre Konsequenzen
Manfred Bierwisch

Characteristic similarities and differences of language and music art are shown to depend to a large extent on the types of sign systems they rely on. Two major aspects of signs are explored: the nature of their physical signal and the relation between the signal and its meaning, characterized in terms of Peirce’s concept of iconic and symbolic signs. Language is based on conventional symbols, while music relies on structural similarity between sign and meaning. Both language and music combine constituent parts into signs of unlimited complexity, their compositional principles differ in crucial respects, however. While the physical signals of language and music are basically acoustic, timedependent, and linear, with direct consequences for their combination, their meaning is of completely different nature. The meaning of linguistic expressions has no temporal structure and does therefore not depend on the signal’s linear ordering, while the meaning of music, according to its iconic nature, reflects necessarily the structure of the signal. Thus natural languages must be conceived as combinatorial systems of symbols, which due to the conventional nature of symbols have access to all aspects of conceptually organized experience. Musical idioms on the other hand, are iconic systems, the meaning of which is subject to structural similarity with the signal representing it. The meaning of music is to be construed as consisting of affective attitudes and processes structured by what might be called the Gestural Form, just as the meaning of linguistic expressions is made up from conceptually organized experiences, structured by Logical or Semantic Form. The possible interaction of language and music is highlighted by looking at a short composition of Hanns Eisler, indicating the way in which Gestural and Semantic Form with their respective content support each other.
in: Overbeck, Anja & Matthias Heinz (Hrsg.). 2012. Sprache(n) und MusikAkten der gleichnamigen Sektion auf dem XXXI. Romanistentag (Bonn, 27.09.-01.10.2009). ISBN 9783862884094[1]: 3-21. 
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