ITL 06: Exercise Manual for Introductory Linguistics Courses

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Exercise Manual for Introductory Linguistics Courses
Marcel Danesi
University of Toronto
As a manual for introductory linguistics courses, it is designed to provide a comprehensive set of elementary exercises on the main areas of basic linguistic analysis—phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The manual follows the layout and content of the five volumes in Lincom’s Introductory Texts in Linguistics series.  But they can also be used for any course in linguistics as a practical exercise manual. For this reason, appendices are included that provide technical information or symbols. The manual focuses on basic approaches to the study of language, avoiding a focus on any particular school of linguistics.
Prof. Marcel Danesi is known for his work in semiotics and youth culture. He has published as well on the meanings of popular culture and how they inform social evolution. He has also written textbooks introducing linguistics and semiotics, and published a series of books on advertising as a sign system.
ISBN 9783969391525. Introductory Texts in Linguistics 06. 73pp. 2023.

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