Introductory Texts in Linguistics

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Introductory Texts in Linguistics
Vol. 1-5
Marcel Danesi
University of Toronto
These five introductory texts in linguistics are intended to give a comprehensive overview of the main areas of linguis-tics―historically, methodologically, and theoretically―for use in linguistic pedagogy. Each volume covers a specific area of linguistic science―from the study of sound systems to the use of language in social and communicative contexts. They can be used individually or as a set for courses in linguistics or as a background referential source of ideas and research in the five areas that scholars can utilize. They are all written in an accessible style, so that they can be easily adopted in any type of introductory course.
Each text expounds and illustrates both traditional and contemporary approaches to the study of language. The titles of the five individual volumes are: Introduction to Phonology (Volume 1), Introduction to Morphology (Volume 2), Intro-duction to Syntax (Volume 3), Introduction to Semantics (Volume 4), and Introduction to Pragmatics (Volume 5).
Prof. Marcel Danesi is known for his work in semiotics and youth culture. He has published as well on the meanings of popular culture and how they inform social evolution. He has also written textbooks introducing linguistics and semiotics, and published a series of books on advertising as a sign system.
ISBN 9783969391211 (Hardbound). Introductory Texts in Linguistics (Integral Vol. 01-05). 600pp. 2022.

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