LWM 348: Persian

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Yavar Dehghani

Persian is a member of the Indo-Iranian language group, a subgroup of Indo-European language family. It is considered to be an inflectional language, and has an SOV constituent order. Modern Persian is spoken mainly in Iran with a population of 70 million, as well as in other parts of world especially in USA and Europe. Its close relatives are other Iranian languages like Tajik, which is spoken in the republic of Tajkistan, and Afghani Farsi, which is spoken in Afghanistan. Persian has several dialects like Tehrani, Esfahani, Shirazi, and Yazdi which all are mutually intelligible.

There are two different styles of Persian. The written style is phonologically and syntactically more conservative and has not been changed for at least a century. However, the spoken style has been changed dramatically, especially in phonology. Traditional grammarians use the written style in describing the language. But linguists, as expected, emphasize the spoken style. The spoken style is economical in phonology and morphology.

The grammar of Persian contains chapters on Phonetics/Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and sample texts with interlinear translation.

ISBN 9783895869082. Languages of the World/Materials 348. 72pp. 2000.

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