LSAAL 25: Moroccan Secret Languages: Evidence from the Patterning and the Inversion "ġuş"

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Moroccan Secret Languages: Evidence from the Patterning and Inversion ġuş
Nasser Berjaoui
Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Morocco

In this work, the ninth in the series, focus will be on a detailed analysis of seven types of the Moroccan Arabic (MA) “ġuş”, a secret language that spreads in the region of the south-eastern part of Morocco known as the Tafilalet. The seven types to be analysed in this work are: the l-CuCi fuCi/l-CuCәC fuCәC, the mәtt-CaCCi, the mәtt-CaCCi trisa, the mәtt-CaCCi tifәrkusin, the mәtt-CaCCi trisa/tifәrkusin, the tә-CCiCi wiCi/tә-CCiCәC wiCәC and the Inversion cases. Seven parts will constitute the book, with each part analyzing each of the seven types of the “ġuş”.

The work separately studies the following aspects of encodings in the seven secret languages: sociolinguistic characteristics, the distortion of prefixless words, the effect of the encoding operations on morphologically inflected words, the encoding of MA prepositions, the changes at the level of the syntactic structures in MA, a sample of the daily-like uses of the secret languages in question through discursive samples, a detailed presentation of the rules of the seven languages, and the delivery of messages rates in the languages in question. The work is designed for students of linguistics, typologists, sociolinguists and linguists, for instance.

ISBN 9783895862076. Moroccan Arabic Secret Languages 09. LINCOM Studies in Afroasiatic Linguistics 25. 363pp. 2009.
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