LSSlaL 08: Space and Time in Russian

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Space and Time in Russian

A Description of the Locus Expressions of Russian

William J. Sullivan
University of Florida

SPACE AND TIME IN RUSSIAN presents a detailed semiotic analysis of the preposition-case pairings that communicate spatial or temporal locus in Russian and provides an integrated, formalized description of this part of the Russian language.

Part one of the book proceeds through spatial preposition on a case-by-case basis. As each set of prepositions is analyzed, a preliminary description is provided at three degrees of sophistication: a distinctive feature matrix in a semi-Jakobsonian manner (singulary rather than binary features), an algebraic formula, and a relational network. Part two of the book turns to the temporal expressions. Part three provides an integrated description of both spatial and temporal expressions and shows applications to teaching Russian and to cognitive semantics.

ISBN 9783895861765. LINCOM Studies in Slavic Linguistics 08. 264pp. 1998.

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