LE 09: Guide to Readability in African Languages

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Guide to Readability in African Languages

Chia Emmanuel Nges (ed.)
University of Buea

Ch. 1. U. Wiesemann: Orthography and Readability. Ch. 2. J. Mfonyam: Reading and Writing Tone. Ch. 3. E.N. Chia: Visibility in Reading. Ch. 4. G. Mba & E.N. Chia: Vocabulary grading. Ch. 5. A. Oladele: Grading Sentence Patterns and Structures in Yoruba & Related Languages. Ch. 6. J. Ogwana: Grading Sentence Patterns: Swahili. Ch. 7. E.N. Chia: Measurement of Text Difficulty. Ch. 8. E.N. Chia: Summary Guide on Readability.

ISBN 9783895860300. Linguistics Edition 09. 150pp. 1996.

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