LCS 17: The African Journey from the Great Pyramids to Great Zimbabwe

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The African Journey from the Great Pyramids to Great Zimbabwe
Kholisile David Dhliwayo
Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe
This study is a summary of available knowledge and is based on published sources listed in the appendix and bibliography.
The African Journey from the Great Pyramids to Great Zimbabwe is given a conceptual analysis not just to identify events and actions but to bring out clearly the ideas associated with and behind the events and actions. It is also a story of achievements and challenges addressed by African people and a surgical analysis of African performance. The observation throughout is that Africans did not look outside Africa for solutions although they might have done so for assistance.
This book is divided into four chapters. The first chapter identifies Kemet/ Ancient Egypt as the source of African knowledge and the foundation upon which African culture developed. The second chapter examines foreign intervention in African Affairs focusing on the slave trade and European colonisation clearly identifying the strong criminal element in the cultures of the slave traders and colonialists. The third chapter examines the crystallization of African philosophy in the form of Pan Africanism and Nationalism and how these ideas provided direction toward the restoration of African sovereignty. The fourth and final chapter examines relations between independent Africa and the former colonial powers by focusing on the mentality that divides Africa and the West.
What emerges from this study is that what Africans have achieved for the most part has been as a result of an application of the mind to the utilisation of local resources and this should be seen as a basis for addressing challenges inherited from foreign interventions in African Affairs.
ISBN 9783862887989. LINCOM Cultural Studies 17. 78pp. 2017.
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