LE 41: Languages in development

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Languages in development

Helle Metslang & Mart Rannut (eds.)
Tallinn Pedagogical University

The volume comprises a selection of papers presented at the conference on language development titled 'Estonian in Europe', held in Tallinn in March 2001 to open the European Year of Languages 2001 in Estonia. The main aim of the conference was to discuss the processes and developments in progress in both Estonian and other languages at the turn of the millennium, and factors influencing various languages. The papers are divided into three sections according to their content:

Language and society - the increasing importance of languages and their implementation in functional domains in current Europe, with special attention to the condition of and outlook for the languages spoken on the shores of the Baltic Sea;

Language and technology - the current situation, development prospects, and requirements of language technology;

Language and structure - problems of orthography and pronunciation, word formation, lexicology, syntax, semantics, language acquisition.

The editors of the volume are Helle Metslang (Professor of Estonian at the Tallinn Pedagogical University) and Mart Rannut (Associate Professor of Estonian as Second Language at the Tallinn Pedagogical University). Among their previous publications are Temporal relations in the predicate and the grammatical system of Estonian and Finnish (H. Metslang, 1994) and Linguistic Human Rights. Overcoming Linguistic Discrimination (ed. by T. Skutnabb-Kangas and R. Phillipson in collaboration with M. Rannut, 1994).

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements


Östen Dahl. The Ecology of Languages

Mart Rannut. Postmodern Trends in Current Language Development

Hannu Tommola. What Happens to Our Languages?

Ina Druviete. The Latvian Language in the 21st Century World

Birute Klaas. Estonians and the Estonian Language in Southern Sweden and Lithuania


Einar Meister, Haldur Õim. Estonian Language Technology - Where Do We Stand?

Meelis Mihkla. Evaluation of the Quality of Estonian Text-to-speech Synthesis and Future Developments of TTS System

Gaël Dias, Heiki-Jaan Kaalep. Automatic Extraction of Multiword Units for Estonian: Phrasal Verbs

Thora Tenbrink. Communicative Aspects of Human-Robot Interaction


Mati Hint. The Syllabic Foundations of Estonian Orthography

Karl Pajusalu. What Has Changed in Estonian Pronunciation: the Making of Estonian Accents

Reet Kasik. Morphology of Loan-Verbs in the Estonian Language

Silvi Vare. Back-Formation of Verbs in Estonian

Junichi Toyota. Locativisation in Hiberno-English: Simple or Complex Adaptation?

Tiiu Salasoo. A Step in the Search for an Explanation of the Acquisition of Estonian

Suliko Liiv. The Role and the Use of English Loanwords in Estonian Press: their Assimilation Process

Urmas Sutrop. Development of Smell Terms in Estonian: Smells in Poetry

Lumme Erilt. Meaning as a Theory

ISBN 9783895867033. Linguistics Edition 41. 200pp. 2003.

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