LSLL 15: The Old Korean Poetry: Grammatical Analysis and Translation

Référence: ISBN 9783862885770

The Old Korean Poetry

Grammatical Analysis and Translation

Jieun Kiaer
University of Oxford

This book is unique in examining pre-modern Korean poetry with the addition of grammatical analysis and translation. Each of the 34 poems examined in this book plays an important role in the literature of pre-modern Korea, particularly the 14 Hyangga from the Shilla period.

This book provides linguistic explanations for each poem and essential vocabulary – both in Middle and Contemporary Korean. In addition to the linguistic analysis, this book provides discussion of the cultural and historical background and significance of each poem. This is the first book of its kind to be published and will be essential reading to anyone interested in pre-modern Korea. This book can function as an essential reference book and textbook for those engaged in Korean Studies.

ISBN 9783862885770. LINCOM Studies in Language and Literature 15. 142pp. 2014

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