Códice de Composición. Guía Para Escribir Trabajos

Référence: ISBN 389586370X

Códice de Composición. Guía Para Escribir Trabajos

Eduardo D. Faingold
University of Tulsa

A major part of student studies in the Spanish department consists of the writing of analytic essays. Students write short assignments, term papers, and seminar papers, and answer essay questions in the examinations. A good essay requires a coherent analysis of the topic, written in a way that will communicate ideas effectively. Such communication involves both a good command of Spanish and an ability to organize and present the material. This booklet is intended to help the undergraduate and graduate student of Spanish as a foreign language, as well as the student in a program of Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SHL), acquire such techniques. The booklet offers instructions for writing essays as well as advise about effective working methods and patters of organization.

ISBN 389586370X. 28pp. 2002.

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