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LLC 14: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Hausa as a Foreign Language

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A Guide to Teaching and Learning Hausa as a Foreign Language

Aishatu Iya Ahmed
University of Bayreuth

A guide to teaching and learning Hausa as a foreign language is designed in such a way that language is blended with culture. The book is divided into thirteen units and each unit has topics on linguistic aspects of the language as well as culture related matters. The language aspect discusses the basic things Hausa learners need to learn to help them acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the language as well as to enable them to communicate effectively in it. The linguistic topics discussed include Hausa consonants, vowels and diphthongs; word formation, tones, orthography, parts of speech and sentence structure.

The culture section of the book puts emphasis on some cultural aspects of the language that learners need to know. These include various forms of greetings, kinship terms, condolences, traditional names, counting, Hausa wedding, naming ceremony, bargaining, Sallah festivals in Hausaland and Hausa crafts such as dying, barbering and butchering. Photographs of some cultural events also back the culture section of the book. Furthermore, adequate Hausa sentences have been provided in the book with their English equivalents for learners to practice.

ISBN 9783862882779. LINCOM Language Coursebooks 14. 212 pp. 2012.

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13 - 13 von 18 Ergebnissen