LSNAL 77: Eighteenth Century Xebero

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Eighteenth Century Xebero
Mss. Add. 25,323 and 25,324 of The British Library, London (UK)
Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus
University of Amsterdam
The main purpose of this book is to give a modern description of early eighteenth century Jebero/Xebero, as contained in the codices Ms. Add. 25,323 and 25, 324. The codices are presumably written by Samuel Fritz (1654-1728), a Jesuit missionary from Bohemia. Jebero is a moribund indigenous North Peruvian language of which little was known.
The second purpose of this book is to give a diplomatic transcription of the manuscripts mentioned above. The former manuscript contains a Spanish-Quechua-Jebero vocabulary; the latter a Jebero grammar and a Quechua-Jebero/Jebero-Quechua Christian doctrine. Remarkably, the doctrine also includes a copy of the Jebero prayers written by Fray Lucas de la Cueva (1606-1672).
The third purpose of this book is to compare a part of de la Cueva’s version of the prayers, dating from the 17th century, with those of Fritz from a century later. The comparison gives us the exceptional opportunity to show, a), the differences between the 17th century stratum of Jebero and that of the 18th century, and, b), how the language may have changed and developed.

The author, Dr. Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus, got her Master’s degree (French) and her Ph.D. (Comparative Linguistics) at the University of Leiden. Now she is a guest researcher at the Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication (ACLC) of the University of Amsterdam and a member of the research group Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documentation (ROLD). Her publications mainly concern typological descriptions of indigenous South Amerindian languages, such as Amuesha/Yanesha, Cholón, Jebero and Quechua or Quichua (Ecuadorian Quechua).
ISBN 9783862887064. LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 77. 188pp. 2016.
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