LSNAL 88: The Nebé Language

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The Nebé Language
David Leedom Shaul
The Nebé Language is a description of a previously unknown language. Nebé is a member of the the Cochimian languages, which also includes Gabb Cochimi, Jesuit Cochimi, and Robinia. The Cochimian languages were spoken in the middle half of the Baja Caliornia pennsisula. The Cochimian languages are probably related to the Yuman family of languages. The Nebé Language provides data for comparative Cochimian phonology, as well as Nebé morphosyntax which may be compared with the grammar of Jesuit Cochimi. The study of comparative Cochimian and comparative Yuman will yield information on the linguistic prehistory of Baja California. The Nebé data dates from around 1680. In addition to sections on Nebé phonology and grammar, there is a comparative vocabulary of Nebé and the three other Cochimian languages, organized by the English gloss of each cognate. A lexicon of about 480 morphemes also lists about 600 derived words given in transcription with the original spellings following. An English-Nebé index follows.
ISBN 9783969391754 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 88. 122pp. 2023.
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