LW 66: A Multidimensional Study of Reinforcers in African Languages

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A Multidimensional Study of Reinforcers in African Languages
Gabriel D. Djomeni & Constantine Kouankem (eds.)
University of Dschang; University of Bertoua
This book is a collection of a first ever in-depth scholarly analysis of reinforcers in African languages and notably Cameroonian and Moroccan languages. It provides the reader with sound knowledge about this linguistic feature which has not yet received an academic attention so far. Furthermore, the book attempts to unveil this language element to feed researchers in languages and linguistics with new insight from African languages. Without focusing on a specific theoretical background, the collection provides the reader, in particular linguists and students in languages and linguistics all together with language specialists with new thought-provoking data, capable of shaking research and publications on the morpheme called reinforcers in African languages. The book does neither cover all Cameroonian languages nor all Moroccan languages because it deals with a linguistic feature not common to all the languages of the two countries involved. Though the contributions cover only languages from two African countries (due to the fact that the reinforcer does not seem to feature in all natural languages), the book is however very rich in phono- and morpho-syntactic data capable of triggering further research.
Table of Contents:
Gabriel D. Djomeni & Constantine Kouankem        
A multidimensional analysis of reinforcers in African  languages: Introductory note and overview of contents
Mike Turner
Double-Demonstrative Reinforcement in Moroccan Arabic
Constantine Kouankem
On Reinforcer constructions and the issue of reduplicated reinforcers in Mə̀dʉ̀mbὰ
Gabriel D. Djomeni
Analysing reinforcers and their correlation with vowel harmony in Fe’efe’e
Ernest Njifon
The reinforcer in ʃʉ̂pǎmə̀m
Justine Laure Lappi
The syntactic distribution of reinforcers in Fe’efe’e
Juvelos Kuete Djoumene & Eni-Enih Fokwa Ruth
A Morphosyntactic study of locative reinforcers in ngiembɔɔn
Mamno Foko Hylarie Flore
Les constructions démonstratif-renforceur dans la langue ghɔmálá’
Marie Renée Atangana
Emploi des renforceurs en langue bulu : configurations et valeurs

ISBN 9783969391723 (Hardbound). Languages of the World 66.  150pp. 2023.

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