LSTL 68: The many facets of agreement

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The many facets of agreement
Pavel Caha, Pavel Rudnev, Svetlana Toldova (eds.)
Masaryk University, HSE University, HSE University
Agreement is a phenomenon that spans multiple areas of linguistic theorizing. On the one hand, agreement has been regarded as purely syntactic/morphological phenomenon because it has no clear contribution to meaning. However, this clashes with the observation that agreement may also influence interpretation in subtle ways, allowing languages to express nuances in meaning that would otherwise get lost. The book addresses the phenomenon of agreement and its place in the grammar from multiple linguistic perspectives. The individual chapters in this book investigate the question what we can learn about the general process of agreement based on the detailed study of its syntax, semantics and morphology, including its production/processing by the human brain.
I The morphology of φ-agreement
The layered structure of concord
Pavel Caha  
Third person-sensitive allomorphy of accusative case of possessed nominals in Balkar and Kumyk
Daniar Kasenov
Straightening up the Czech 3.PL suffixes
Michal Starke, Maria Cortiula and Lucie Taraldsen Medová
Tense-sensitive vs. tense-neutral Φ-suffixes
Tarald Taraldsen
II Beyond φ-agreement
Identity approach to absolute tense
Alexander Letuchiy
The Anaphor Agreement Effect as epiphenomenon
Pavel Rudnev
Syncretism in sentence processing
Natalia Slioussar
ISBN 9783969391433 (Hardbound).  LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 68. 184pp. 2023.
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