LW/D 79: Comparative-Historical Yeniseian Dictionary

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Comparative-Historical Yeniseian Dictionary
Volume I (A-Ph)
Edward J. Vajda & Heinrich Werner
The present work is a first attempt to create a comparative-historical Yeniseian dictio-nary that is readily accessible to English speakers. It includes not only interpretations by the authors, but also observations and commentaries made previously by others who have published results pertaining to Yeniseian etymology or lexical history. In addition to published lexical data, the authors have also incorporated the results of the latest fieldword on Ket. Dictionary entries include both modern forms attested in a single Yeniseian language as well as reconstructed protoforms representing an older stage of Yeniseian as supported by the extant comparative material. Each proto-form is marked as belonging to one of the following levels:
Pre-Proto-Yeniseian (PPY), Proto-Yeniseian (PY), Proto-Keto-Yugh (PKY), Proto-Kotto-Assan (PKA), Proto-Arino-Pumpokol (PAP), Old Ket (OKet), Old Yugh (OYugh). The listing of verb forms in Yeniseian languages presents a special set of problems. Because Yeniseian finite verb forms are build according to a formulaic stem pattern, entries involving finite verbs include the lexical formula used to build the given verb. The agreement patterns and tense-mood classes reflected in the verb formulas are discussed at length in publications by one of the authors (notably Vajda 2001, but also including later publications).
Volume I (A-Ph): ISBN 9783969391051 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/ Dictionaries 79. 623pp. 2022.

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