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German Grammar through the Magic of the Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales
Margrit V. Zinggeler
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
Bringing together German grammar and the Brothers’ Grimm fairy tales offers a different and thematically unifying approach to learning and reviewing German grammar and it introduces students to the original German texts of the world-known and beloved fairy tales. The rationale for GRIMMATIK (coined of the name of the brothers, Grimm, and the German word for grammar – Grammatik) is to offer a learner-oriented, research-based concept of German grammar to intermediate students of German. GRIMMATIK addresses a multiple variety of grammatical elements in the analysis of every selected fairy tale.
It is the student who finally constructs a German grammar, consecutively isolating the elements of speech, phrases, and sentence structures. Recognition of language patterns leads to paradigm segmentation and classification and eventually to internalization of language rules and the acquisition of grammatical competence. GRIMMATIK includes new technology and it offers tools to students to find lexical and structural patterns using the free Grimm Corpora on the Internet. GRIMMATIK is reasonably simplifying complex linguistic theories in order to offer to students, who already possess a certain degree of German language proficiency and grammar competence, a method to generate their own findings of structural grammar rules. Then something magical happens, the students are ultimately learning German grammar while they are reading and analyzing the Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales! (pocket edition).
ISBN 9783962060480. lincom pocket 32. 394pp. 2021.
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