LLIBH 01: Cataloguing Law Materials: A Practical Guide for Law Libraries

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Cataloguing Law Materials: A Practical Guide for Law Libraries

O. E. L. Eguavoen
Law Librarian, University of Ibadan


Joyce C. E. Oyadongha
Head, Cataloguing Section
Niger Delta University Library

There is a vacuum in librarianship which the text, Cataloguing Law Materials: A Practical Guide for Law Libraries, has been designed to fill. Among other things, it adequately addresses the organization of a law library in such a manner that law materials are easily sorted, sought and found when needed for use.

Efforts are made by Law Librarians and their supporting staff to provide the best services for their clients in order to achieve the objectives for which the libraries are set up. This is done by ensuring that materials acquired in the library are quickly processed to reduce incidence of backlog and to make the items easily and promptly available to users. With access to this book however, the major constraints that the library staff are always confronted with become no issue. It is an effective tool needed to help in making the job they do interesting to themselves and, at the same time, satisfactory to their clients.

The text addresses the inadequacies of existing tools and also serves as guide for library staff on how more effectively they can organize books and non-book materials acquired in libraries.

This work is divided into eight chapters with each one explaining a process in a very simple manner so that Law Librarians can find it a useful guide in cataloguing and classifying law materials.

ISBN 9783895868122. LINCOM Library Handbooks 01. 136pp. 2009.

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