LWM 329: Ogbronuagum

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Ethelbert Kari
University of Port Harcourt

Ogbronuagum is a central Delta language spoken by about 12,000 people in the present Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria. It is spoken by the Agum (Bukuma) Community.

The sketch, which is the first attempt at providing a fairly comprehensive description of Ogbronuagum, is divided into six sections. Section one re-examines the phonology as decribed by Alex (1987), and establishes more consonants. In section two, the morphology of the language is discussed. The noun class system as established by Alex (1987) is also re-examined and more genders than she established are found. The morphology of verbs, tense aspect and modality, and nominal modifiers are treated in some detail. Section three is concerned with syntax. Here different noun phrase constructions and phenomena such as concord, co-ordination, subordination, relativisation, serial verb constructions, focus and cliticisation are discussed. Section four is a sample text with interlinear translation. In section five, the history of the Agum people is presented. The sketch concludes with a lexicon.

ISBN 9783895866180. Languages of the World/Materials 329. 80pp. 2000.

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