LW/D 74: Salinan and English Lexicon

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Salinan and English Lexicon
David Shaul
University of Arizona
Salinan and English Lexicon. This companion volume to Salinan Language Studies contains the lexical artifacts upon which the description in the companion volume is based. Based on the descriptive data on Salinan after 1900, it also includes the bountiful data of the vocabulary compiled in the late 1700s by the Franciscans Buenaventura Sitjar and Miguel Pieras. Of the two dialects (Antoniano, Migueleño), Antoniano is the main data source (because of readily available data). However, Migueleño lexical artifacts are given where they are noted in the modern, non-audio recordings of the language. Main entry in the lexicon is by morpheme, and there are just over 2,100 main entries. The English-Salinan index refers the user to compounds and derivations listed under their root morphemes in the lexicon. 
ISBN 9783862902149 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/Dictionaries 74. 412pp. 2020.

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