LINEthno 01: The Akamba

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The Akamba

An Ethnological Monograph

Gerhard Lindblom

During my linguistic and ethnographical researches in East Africa (1910-12), my work centred on the Akamba, a Bantu people living by agriculture, cattle-raising, and hunting, in the highlands south of Mount Kenia. Although the Akamba are mentioned in many Travels, they have not hitherto been the object of systematic study. Therefore my endeavour has been to collect the material for as complete a monograph on the Kamba people as possible, dealing with material and intellectual culture (language, folklore, etc.), and also taking into consideration anthropological conditions. The present treatise includes the result of my investigation (from the introduction). (Re-edition; originally published 1920 in Uppsala; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 174 6. LINCOM Ethnologica 01. 617pp. 2011.

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