LINGram 69: Greek Grammar

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Greek Grammar

E.A. Sonnenschein

The volume is composed of two parts, Accidence (summarizing declension, comparison, conjugation) and Syntax. Contents of Accidence: noun, adjectives, adverbs, verbs. Contents of Syntax: Sentence construction (subject, predicate, attributes and adjuncts, complex sentences, meaning of forms (case, prepositons, voice, moods and tenses), etc.

In this volume a common point of view is secured by basing the treatment of Syntax on a certain scheme of sentence analysis, which is independent of linguistic form, in other words, by basing Syntax primarily upon meanings. This method brings us the strong relief not only the similarieties, but also the differences between languages (adopted from the preface of the second part).

(Re-edition; originally published 1919 in London; written in English)

ISBN 9783862900770. LINCOM Gramatica 69. 386pp. 2011.

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