LINGram 48: A Grammar of the Welsh Language

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A Grammar of the Welsh Language

Thomas Rowland

Some think that it is not possible to lay down rules that would guide a stranger in acquiring a grammatical and accurate knowledge of the Welsh language. But surely those who have studied the language carefully will feel that it is possible to gain a perfect understanding of Welsh, its many idioms and peculiarities nonewithstanding.

This work was undertaken with the aim of faciliating the study of the Welsh language, and of lessening the difficulties that have been wholly passed over in silence by preceding grammarians. Hopefully it will surpass its predecessors and lay the base of a work that could pretend to the accuracy and completeness of the Latin and Greek grammars (adapted from the introduction).

Contents: Orthography: The Alphabet and its Letters, Classification of the Letters, Inflection of Vowels, Diphtongs, Mutations of Consonants, Accentuation of Words, Quantity of Words, Syllables and Words, Spelling. Etymology: Classification of Words, Substantives, Adjectives, Numerals, Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns, etc., Verbs, Participles, Auxiliary Verbs, DYSGU, Irregular Verbs, Defective Verbs, Y Mae Genyf – “I have”, The Article, The Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Interjections, Prefixes, Affixes. Syntax: The Article, Nouns, Adjectives, Numerals, Personal Pronouns, The Verb Bod, Apposition Verbs, etc. Clauses: Transitive Clause, Cause Clause, Concessive Clause, etc. (Re-edition. Originally published 1876 in London).

ISBN 9783862900275. LINCOM Gramatica 48. 326pp. 2012.

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