LSPhon 03: Double Licensing Phonology

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Double Licensing Phonology

Marcin Fortuna
Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität München

This book puts forward an alternative representational model of phonology which builds upon the CVCV offshoot of Government Phonology. It effectively combines the insights of other available implementations of CVCV (Scheer’s Strict CV and Cyran’s CSL) in an original way. The approach is called Double Licensing Phonology and is based upon the assumption that nuclei license both the preceding nuclei and the preceding onsets (or clusters). All consonant clusters are formed by means of a government relation which is either left-headed (a branching onset) or right-headed (a coda-onset cluster).

The intricate interplay of licensing and government relations is responsible for the whole array of phonological phenomena, like phonotactics, distribution of vocalic quantity, vowel-zero alternations, lenition and fortition. The book signals also a possibility of reducing the morphosyntax-phonology interface to the representational channel. A new architecture of grammar is proposed, in which syllabic and melodic phonology are formally dissociated. Argumentation is built mainly on the data from the Icelandic language, even though examples from some other languages (e.g. Czech, Faroese, German, Kazakh, Kirghiz) are occasionally used to back up the main line of thought.

ISBN 9783862886159 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Phonology 04. 239pp. 2015.

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