LSTL 51: Morphology in Toulouse. Selected Proceedings of Décembrettes 7 (Toulouse, 2-3 December 2010

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Morphology in Toulouse

Selected Proceedings of Décembrettes 7 (Toulouse, 2-3 December 2010)

Nabil Hathout, Fabio Montermini, Jesse Tseng (editors)

This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the 7th Décembrettes, an international conference on linguistic morphology held at the University of Toulouse – Le Mirail on December 2-3, 2010. Since 2002, the Décembrettes have brought specialists of morphology to Southwestern France on a biannual basis, and have become one of the major conferences for scholars in this discipline. Over the years particular attention has been paid to the relationship of morphology to other disciplines, including linguistic typology, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Overall, twenty-six talks and posters were presented at this seventh edition, reflecting the variety of approaches and methodologies to be found in present-day morphology. The papers presented here propose studies of both inflectional and derivational morphology drawing on data from a wide range of typologically diverse languages. They propose synchronic and diachronic analyses, combining theoretical and empirical methods.
They include empirical studies of large amounts of data, theoretical discussions of fundamental issues, typological and experimental studies.

Introduction: Morphology in Toulouse
Nabil Hathout, Fabio Montermini, Jesse Tseng

Inflection class interactions
Matthew Baerman

Bare N(ominal) N(ominal) concatenations in Turkish: Compounds or syntactic fallacies?
Metin Bağrıaçık, Angela Ralli

Causative light verbs in Mandarin (and beyond)
Bianca Basciano

Prefix units in the mental lexicon
Hélène Giraudo, Madeleine Voga

-iser and -ifier suffixation in French: Verify data to ‘verize’ hipotheses
Stéphanie Lignon

Natural selection in self-organizing morphological systems
Mark Lindsay, Mark Aronoff

Stage level and individual level readings of dispositional nouns
Fabienne Martin

Adjectival bases of French -aliser and -ariser verbs: Syncretism or under-specification?
Fiammetta Namer

On the structure of reduplicants: Iconicity and preferred form in reduplication
Thomas Schwaiger

Selkup denominal adjectives: A generalized paradigm function analysis
Andrew Spencer

ISBN 9783862884124 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 51. 252pp. 2013.

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