LSPh 08: Quantitative approaches to problems in linguistics

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Quantitative approaches to problems in linguistics

Studies in honour of Phil Rose

Cathryn Donohue, Shunichi Ishihara, William Steed (editors)

This collection of eighteen papers is a festschrift volume to honour Phil Rose on the occasion of his recent retirement from the Australian National University. Phil’s work in both tonal acoustics and forensic voice comparison has always improved upon the accepted standards through the insistence on rigorous statistical analyses and the introduction of techniques not previously employed in the field.

The contributors to the volume take the type of quantitative approach espoused by Phil and apply it to problems in linguistics, presenting statistically-founded solutions. The first six papers cover tones: the environments in which they occur, tonal acoustics of North-central Vietnamese, and of two Japanese varieties, the application of tonal acoustics to Qingtian morphotonemics, tonal identification in Fuzhou, and tone alternations in Ugong. Additionally there are three papers on vowel changes in Chinese, Japanese phonological acquisition, and the phonological systems of Australian languages.

The second section groups together six papers on forensic voice comparison (FVC), some using Phil’s general Bayesian approach to FVC. These include a tutorial on linear-scaling effects of phonetic context on vowel formants, the implications for FVC of formant frequencies over the phone in Japanese, an approach to automatic speaker identification using the magnitude and phase spectra of inverse-filtered voice speech, FVC in Chinese using /iau/, and a final paper applying the general approach to the challenges of Language Analysis used to Determine the Origin of people applying for refugee status (LADO).

The final section consists of three papers on topics outside these areas but which have nonetheless been influenced by Phil and his work. They include a paper on UG and variation in expression, another on contextualizing the Old Javanese influence on Old Japanese, as well as a lexical-conceptual analysis of ‘eating’ and ‘drinking’ in two varieties of Chinese.

List of Contributors

Ann Kumar, Cathryn Donohue, Shunichi Ishihara: Phil Rose: A short biography

Cathryn Donohue, Shunichi Ishihara, William Steed: Many voices, many tones

Part I. Tones and Acoustic Phonetics

Mark Donohue: The shape and spread of Tone

William Steed: Qingtian Wu lexical tone sandhi: Voiceless depressors and allotones

Koichi Honda: The realisation of the stopped tone in North-Central Vietnamese

David Bradley: Tone alternations in Ugong (Thailand)

Cathryn Donohue: The role of contour and phonation in Fuzhou tonal identification

Shunichi Ishihara: Osaka and Kagoshima Japanese citation tone acoustics: A linguistic tonetic comparative study

Xiaonong Zhu: Off-the-Chart vowel changes in Chinese

Takako Toda: The critical period hypothesis and phonological acquisition of Japanese

Andrew Butcher: On the phonetics of long, thin phonologies

Part II. Forensic voice comparison

Frantz Clermont: Linear-scaling effects of phonetic context on vowel formants: A tutorial

Michael Carne: Japanese formant frequencies in mobile phone transmission: Implications for Forensic Voice Comparison

Javier Franco-Pedroso, Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Javier Gonzalz-Dominguez, Daniel Ramos: Fine-grained automatic speaker recognition using cepstral-trajectories in phone units

Michael Wagner: Automatic speaker identification using the magnitude and phase spectra of inverse-filtered voiced speech

Cuiling Zhang, Geoffrey Morrison, Tharmarajah Thiruvaran: Forensic voice comparison using Chinese /iau/

Helen Fraser: Bayes and beyond: The complex challenges of LADO and their relevance to forensic speaker comparison

Part III. Bayes and beyond

Avery D Andrews 3rd: UG and variation in expression

Ann Kumar: ‘Humble auxiliaries’ in Old Japanese: Javanese derivations, context, and significance

Zhengdao Ye: Eating and drinking in Mandarin and Shanghainese: A Lexical-Conceptual analysis


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