ISNM 01: Semiotic and Cognitive Science Essays on the Nature of Mathematics

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Semiotic and Cognitive Science Essays on the Nature of Mathematics

Mariana Bockarova ( Harvard University ), Marcel Danesi ( University of Toronto), Rafael Núñez ( University of California, San Diego) (eds.)

This volume brings together key studies in an emerging interdisciplinary field aiming to study mathematical cognition written by internationally-renowned scholars in fields ranging from mathematical theory to cognitive science and semiotics. The thematic thread that runs through all these studies is that the comprehension and learning of mathematical concepts involves complex neural and cognitive process, such as blending, metaphor, semiosis, and various forms of language. Each article presents its particular perspective in a clear way so that it can be read by scholars in any of the disciplines covered, and it presents ideas and empirical findings that point to the need for a new interdisciplinary mode of investigating mathematical cognition and its relation to other cognitive processes.



Mariana Bockarova, Marcel Danesi, and Rafael Núñez: Studying Mathematical Cognition.


James Alexander: On the Cognitive and Semiotic Structure of Mathematics

Per Aage Brandt: Numbers are Things in Time: Seven Reflections on the Cognitive Foundation of “Math”

Joachim De Beule: Evolution, Organization and Function in the Biological System

John Deely: The Semiosis of Mathematical Thought

Keith Devlin: The Symbol Barrier to Mathematics Learning

Vitaly Kiryushchenki: The Visual and the Virtual in Theory, Life and Scientific Practice: The Case of Peirce's Quincuncial Map Projection

Donna Kotsopoulos: Codeswitching During Mathematics Instruction in a Ninth Grade Setting

Kumiko TanakaIshii: Dyadic vs. Triadic Sign Models Through Computer Programs

Solomon Marcus: Mathematics between Semiosis and Cognition

Dragana Martinovic: Gesturing and “Cursoring” in Online Multimedia Calculus Lectures

Yair Neuman: Semiotics, Mathematics, and Information Technology: The Future Is Already Here

Frank Nuessel: The Representation of Mathematics in the Media

Wolff Michael Roth: Tracking the Origin of Signs in Mathematical Activity: A Material Phenomenological Approach

Mark Turner: Mental Packing and Unpacking in Mathematics

Lindser Shorser: Manifestations of Mathematical Meaning

Walter Whiteley: Mathematical Modeling as Conceptual Blending: Exploring an Example within Mathematics Education

Myrdene Anderson: How Qualification and Quantification Meet, Or Don't in Ethnography

Kalevi Kull: Semiosis Includes Incompatibility: On the Relation between Semiotics and Mathematics.

ISBN 9783862883325 (Hardbound). Interdisciplinary Studies on the Nature of Mathematics 01. 240pp. 2012.

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