LSLL 10: Virginia Woolf’s Artists in To the Lighthouse

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Virginia Woolf’s Artists in To the Lighthouse

Ernest L. Veyu
University of Yaounde 1

For Virginia Woolf, the novel is essentially an art-form in which the novelist captures and recreates human experience. She prefers to paint pictures of artists in her novels, especially in To the Lighthouse, which, simply put, is a work of art about art and artists. This study on Virginia Woolf’s artists in To the Lighthouse is based on the hypothesis that the artist is central to her work because s/he provides the forum for self-discovery, self-dependence, and self-expression and preservation that are suitable for the societal changes and new ego-centric humanity of the period.

In four chapters, we have undertaken a study of the world of To the Lighthouse, the modern artist as an estranged and non-conformist person, his/her experience, self-realisation, artistic vision, and finally the challenges faced, which make his/her work self-representational. It is basically an in-depth study of three artists, one male and two females, taking into consideration the socio-cultural, economic and artistic trends of the period. This study provides a comprehensive picture of the modern artist that is autobiographical, authoritative and representational.

ISBN 9783862881697. LINCOM Studies in Language and Literature 10. 138pp. 2011.

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