LSTL 45: Adjectives at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

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Adjectives at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Francesca Ramaglia
University of Roma Tre

This book explores the syntax of adjectives under the Generative framework of grammar. It makes a contribution to the theory of modification and predication, which is supported by a considerable amount of data from many typologically different languages.

The syntactic analysis it proposes can account for numerous interpretive properties that adjectives present in both their attributive and predicative function, which have drawn particular attention in the specialized literature of the last decades.

Numerous diagrams illustrate the structures proposed throughout the book, and the formal analysis is made clearer by means of detailed explanations and exemplifications. The comparative approach adopted, together with the assumption of a formal model of grammar, makes this study combine empirical investigation with the theoretical insights of the last years.

This book can be of interest for advanced students in syntax as well as for scholars and researchers concerned with the syntax-semantics interface. Given the exposition and analysis of a large amount of data taken from typologically different languages, it can also be important for people interested in the study of noun phrases in a comparative perspective.

Francesca Ramaglia is currently holding a postdoctoral research fellow position at the University of Roma Tre (Department of Linguistics). Among her main research interests are the nominal domain and the interface analysis of information-structurally marked constructions.

ISBN 9783862880393. LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 45. 240pp. 2011.

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