LSPh 11: Sound Patterns of Hindi

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Sound Patterns of Hindi

Manjari Ohala
San José State University

Sound Patterns of Hindi is a collection of articles by Manjari Ohala covering Hindi phonetics and phonology. Each chapter includes updates on the current status of the issues being addressed, citing recent relevant literature.

Hindi phonology is addressed by a variety of experimental methods—from phonetics (physiological/acoustic/perceptual) to psycholinguistic. The phonological studies treat such issues as features for aspirated stops, the organization of the syllable, syllabification, patterns of nasals/nasalization, geminates, stress, speech errors, and the psychological status of certain phonological rules. The seeds of sound change are revealed using detailed acoustic analysis of unscripted speech data. The key phonological issues addressed are applicable to any language, not just Hindi, thus providing an important resource for linguists interested in Hindi as well as those interested in theoretical phonology, phonological universals, and sound change since Hindi not only has a rich segment inventory of both consonants and vowels but also has a well-documented history, from Sanskrit to Modern Hindi.

Table of Contents

1. Segment Inventory
2. Features for Voicing and Aspiration in Stops and Their Phonetic Correlates
3. The Issue of Stress
4. Schwa Deletion and Vowel Nasalization
5. The Treatment of Phonological Variation
6. Geminate Consonants
7. Experiments on Syllabification
8. The Micro-Phonetics of Syllabification
9. Speech Errors? In Hindi?
10. The Organization of the Syllable
11 Analysis of Unscripted Speech
12. Nasal Epenthesis and Spontaneous Nasalization in the Historical Phonology of Hindi
13. The Representation of Underlying Forms
14. Perceptual Confusions of VC Transitions

ISBN 9783862885534 (Hardbound). 247pp. LINCOM Studies in Phonetics 11. 2014.

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