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Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783862886456

Translated by Ali Almanna (University of Nizwa) &  Michael Fitz-Gerald Hall

14,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783862887668
written by Zahraa Nasir
translated by Fred Pragnell 
12,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783862888344
Ali Mohammed Al-Ja’aki
Translated by
Mohammed Zagood & Fred Pragnell
14,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783962060169
Ali Almanna (ed.)
Al-Zahara College for Women
16,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783962060299
An Arabic-English Reader
Selected, translated, introduced and furnished with footnotes, biographical and critical notes
Ibrahim Haider Farhan & Bushra Juhi Jani
University of Birmingham; University of Sheffield
20,80 *
Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 9783962060510
A Bilingual Collection of Short Stories
Selected, translated, introduced and furnished with footnotes, biographical and critical notes by
Ibrahim Haider Farhan & Bushra Juhi Jani
Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad
16,80 *
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