LSPh 24. Russian Pronunciation & Accents

Référence: ISBN 9783862888566

Russian Pronunciation & Accents
Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Luciano Canepari & Daniele Vitali
University of Venice; European Economic and Social Commettee, Bruxelles
This book applies the principles of Natural Phonetics & Tonetics to describe the pronunciation of Russian, including intonation, in a precise way never found in earlier treatises. It includes an introduction to the Natural Phonotonetics Method, which can be used for any other language, as well (without the sadly known limitations of official IPA).
The vowels, consonants, structures, and intonation of Russian are fully described and transcribed, with examples of words, sentences, and longer texts, in addition to the intonationally integrated IPA sample passage ‘The North Wind and the Sun’.
Different types of Russian pronunciation are fully described (with clear phonic maps): international, neutral, traditional, mediatic. In addition, 22 regional accents of actual Russia, from eastern Europe to far eastern Asia, are described, together with 13 accents of post-Soviet nations.
Other chapters provide some observations on foreign accents of Russian and 26 concise language phonopses and all orograms for easier comparisons.
A mini-phono-dictionary contains more than 3000 words, mainly Names, is also provided.
Luciano Canepari, Natrual Phonetics & Tonetics, University of Venice (Italy).
Daniele Vitali, European Economic and Social Commettee (Bruxelles).
ISBN 9783862888566 (Hardbound)LINCOM Studies in Phonetics 24. 282pp. 2018. 

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